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In 2010, Clarity Water Technologies introduced EcoSafe Solid Feed System for Cooling Towers powered by Smart Release Technology and since then much of the industrial water treatment industry has been struggling to keep up.

In most of the water treatment industry, the best practice for chemically treating a cooling tower over the past 15 years has been a three-pronged approach, consisting of an oxidizing biocide, a non-oxidizing biocide and a corrosion inhibitor, usually all in liquid form. Today, little has changed; mostly because this three-pronged approach has proven to be the most effective way to keep a cooling tower running at peak efficiency with little risk of fouling or break down. That is, until now.

There is a definitely new sheriff in town when it comes to cooling tower water treatment. (Actually, it is more like an old sheriff dressed up in an Ironman suit.) Even though traditional liquid chemistry still has a place at the table, the truth is that, in many applications, Smart Release technology makes a lot more sense in so many ways. When it comes to water treatment for your facility?s cooling tower system, you owe it to yourself to check out the latest breakthrough in solid chemistry options, like EcoSafe Solid Feed System powered by Smart Release Technology.

What is Smart Release Technology?

It used to be that your water treatment company had the option to use liquid chemicals, which came delivered in heavy plastic drums, or dry powered chemicals which were delivered in kegs or plastic-lined boxes, which then needed to be mixed with water onsite so they could be pumped into the system. The benefit of liquid technology is that it is pre-mixed with water and therefore, the percentages of active ingredients are more exact. The benefit of dry or solid chemicals is that they can be shipped without water and therefore, shipping and manufacturing costs are generally less expensive.

However, both options have their own major drawbacks. Liquids present handling problems including the potential exposure to harmful chemicals, ergonomic issues with having to move heavy drums around, feed problems because of malfunctioning metering pumps, storage issues with having to provide proper spill containment and disposal issues having to remove large shipping drums from your facility. Traditional liquid chemistries require stabilizers to keep raw materials in solution and therefore add to the discharge of harmful chemicals into waterways. Dry chemicals have many of the same issues plus they are not as exact as liquids and they need to be mixed on site in order to be administered. What are the chances that they will be mixed in exactly the correct dilutions every time? (Not very good.) Smart Release Technology changes all that.

Smart Release is diffusion-based coating and membrane technology. Smart Release Technology provides a quick, elegant, and reliable alternative to traditional liquid water treatment and old school solid technology. Smart Release Technology combines proven water treatment chemistries like EcoSafe into a tablet, and coats the tablet with a patented polymer coating which, soft play when submerged in moving water, osmotically controls the release over a 30-day period. It is very similar to the way that time-released pain medicine works in your body.

Diffusion only occurs while the cooling tower is running and while the Smart Feeder has flow; when the flow stops, osmotic pressure will gradually equalize and stop diffusion of chemistry. Once flow is restored, osmotic pressure continues to diffuse the chemistry.

For biocides, a specially designed canister with a patent pending Smart Release osmotic membrane is used to control the release of the product. Every biocide has a different natural solubility which can be matched to a membrane porosity and surface area to provide the desired controlled release for 30 days. Both the inhibitor tablets and the biocide canisters require a special Smart Feeder system to be administered into the cooling system. The best part about delivering chemical to system with Smart Release Technology is that the feeders only need water flow to run, not electricity. The chemical is introduced into the water by osmosis. That means a further reduction in carbon footprint and no malfunctioning chemical pumps to deal with!

Check out the EcoSafe Smart Release Video:

Want to Learn More About Smart Release Technology?

If you are a water treatment professional, or someone with water treatment experience, the possibilities that Smart Release presents probably sounds pretty good to you. In part two of this post we will cover some more of the direct benefits of using a Smart Release water treatment program like the EcoSafe Solid Feed System for Cooling Towers. If you would like more information about EcoSafe and Smart Release, or would like to know if EcoSafe is the right fit for your facility, please download our FREE Report: ?Why Solid Feed Water Treatment is the Future.??

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for PART 2 of this post!

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